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Контрольные весы | I-серии

Ensures the quality of your production. The Yamato Checkweighers of the I-Series offer the best hygiene standards: IP67 and IP69. The modular design makes the scale application flexible and can be widely used. The weight checkers are available with high quality metal detectors …

Industry-Leading Performance Level

50% Improvement in weighing speed and accuracy

  • faster operation: no auto zeroing due to temperature changes required with new digital load cell
  • optional dual load cell increases weighing accuracy
  • quick stabilization of product’s impact with highly responsive load cell
  • excellent adaptation to each individual product due to wider variety of infeed and weighing conveyor sizes

Easy Operation

  • simple performance of initial settings with Yamato’s original “Automatic program setting system”
  • higher visibility and better usability with new CE3000 indicator with 12.1 inch color touch screen and 3D animation
  • current operational status visible from a distance due to LED lights at the top of the indicator that can be set in 7 different colors
  • 3 quick and easy steps to reach any operational level on the display

Outstanding Food Safety

  • I-Series waterproof models IP67 compliant; optional IP69K compliance allows for high pressure and temperature water washing
  • minimization of dust accumulation due to tubular legs
  • ease of cleaning and high level of food safety due to flat design and open frame structure
  • antibacterial conveyor belt made of resin
  • compliant with HACCP and GMP

Environmental Responsibility

The Checkweigher I-Series reduces power consumption by 30% (compared with a conventional model).

  • operation without main screen possible using only LED light indication
  • backlight automatically turned off when unit is not in operation for a specified period of time
  • number of components reduced by 10%, thereby minimizing impact on the environment
  • compliant with RoHS

Reliability & Safety

  • optional all-direction reject verification function
  • self diagnosis and countermeasure display function
  • check item alert function: indicator shows items in need of checking before start of daily operation

Ease of Cleaning & Maintenance

  • parts replacement time alert function
  • efficient cleaning and maintenance as well as reduced downtime with load cells capable of withstanding 3000N (patent pending)
  • error indication function with advice on how to respond
  • easy maintenance and repair due to
    modularization of parts
  • easy tool-free removal and reattachment of conveyors
  • anti-error monitor and alert function (weighing error, photo sensor error, etc.)

Overall Versatility

  • On-site height adjustment possible. The main frame and the legs can be separated easily. A variety of leg lengths enables almost any requirement to be met without major modifications.
  • The compact and flexible design enables the unit to be replaced and to be installed into almost any production line without major modifications.

Контрольные весы серии-I + детектор металла

Высокое качество по сенсационной цене

Если вы хотите проверить текущей номинальный вес, содержание упаковки или классифицировать вес на разных стадиях, то Контрольные весы компании Yamato являются отличным решением.

Модульная конструкция металлодетектора обеспечивает гибкость в конструировании упаковочной линии. Интегрированная комбинация Yamato – Металлодетектор & Динамические Контрольные весы – это сложное решение, совместимое с IFS и соответствующее критериям HACCP и BRC.

Откалиброванное сочетание оборудования Yamato представляет собой беспрецедентную производительность, с точки зрения надежности и точности, а также гарантирует точность упаковочной линии. Контрольные весы сравнивают желаемый вес, с предварительно заданным значением, в базе данных. Проверяют содержание продукции на наличие металла и отбраковывают.

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