Data Acquisition

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Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition enables data to be exchanged between the weigher and the PC. Communication takes place in both directions. On the one hand, data is retrieved from the weigher and transferred to the PC, and on the other hand, control commands are sent from the PC to the weighers.

Data Acquisition for Checkweighers

Easy data analysis

All Yamato multihead weighers and checkweighers are capable of using data acquisition software. This enables a fast data exchange between the scales and a PC. By using Data Acquisition, all data accumulated in the scale can be transferred to a PC and easily evaluated. The most common program for data processing is Excel, where any analysis of the packaging process can be created.


A view of the data in Excel allows you to identify irregularities and to take action accordingly.

Data Acquisition for Multihead Weighers

Optimization of operating programs

With Data Acquisition, data exchange also takes place in the reverse direction – from the PC to the scale. This allows data to be imported from the PC to the scales. For example, existing programs can be optimized because the parameters of the operating programs can be set more easily on the PC.

Rapid implementation

Save money and time with Data Acquisition! Talk to our competent consultants and ask for the Data Acquisition application. The implementation on your multihead weighers and checkweighers can be done at short notice.

Quick inquiries and evaluations

For e.g., you can generate the following queries quickly and user-friendly, among others:

  • Speed of the packaging process
  • Deviations from target weights
  • Average weights
  • Number of incorrect packages
  • Production quantity in certain periods of time
  • Interruptions in the packaging process
  • Quantity of eliminated packaging
  • Etc.

Your advantages

  • Data exchange between scale and PC
  • Inquiries of the packaging process data
  • Simple evaluation of the data in Excel
  • Creation of tables and graphics for reporting purposes
  • Improved error analysis
  • Simple control of the packaging process
  • Optimization of existing operating programs on the PC
  • Easy import of programs with improved parameters

Sophisticated software

  • Total Weight
  • Over Pack Count
  • Accept Pack Count
  • Average Weight
  • Standard Deviation
  • Etc.

Easy Excel analysis

With Data Acquisition, the parameters of packaging programs can be transferred to Excel and easily analyzed. An optimization of the programs can be done directly on the PC. The subsequent upload to the scale occurs with one push of a button.

Quick analysis

With Data Acquisition, the last 1,000 weighings can be called up and analyzed. The error identification is fast and user-friendly.

Patrick Coursier

Manager Technical/Customer Service

“Many Yamato customers use Data Acquisition to evaluate and control their production. We keep receiving feedback on how convenient and easy it is to process production data at the touch of a button, … and all this with such a low implementation effort. Every customer should consider this application because managing and optimizing the production process is significantly simplified.”


These recommendations are based on 30 years of experience at Yamato Scale.

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